A Journey into the meanders of the soul of a young man who, with strength and courage, decides to abandon the Conventional Life and lead his existence in the name of Freedom.

Parallel to the Inner Journey, the narrative leads us along multiple geographical trajectories, cleverly described, covering most of the Planet Earth and intertwine, along the way, with an extremely varied human geography.

It will be only the encounter with the marine abysses and with Mother Nature that will give completeness and reason for being to human life, in an existential symbiosis with the entire Universe.

The real protagonist is the Sea: the sea discovered through scuba diving and ridden through oceanic crossings on board of a sailing boat.

The author takes us by the hand and makes us enjoy an "immersive" experience not only through the use of the written word, but also through the presence of 33 video contents that are an integral part of the book.

A book that wants to be a message of hope, of trust in oneself in order to realize one's own dreams, breaking down barriers and superstructures of any kind in order to look up and have Only the Sky Above Me.